We have an extensive range of snacks. Everything from a tasty bitterbal (small croquette) to duck liver with salmon roe. We would be happy to serve snacks that suit the occasion!

Snacks by serving (+/- 5 persons per serving)

Luxury mixed nuts € 3.50
Savory Biscuits € 4.00
Tortilla chips with salsa € 4.00
Marinated olives € 4.50
Small red peppers stuffed with cream cheese € 4.75
Tapenade of Olives/Pomodori with bread € 6.00
Salads: Fresh sliced carrots, celery, cucumber and cherry tomato with yogurt dip € 5.75


Bitterballen (Small Croquettes; from 25 pieces) € 0.80 per piece
Mixed Hot Snacks (from 25 pieces) € 0.90 per piece
Mini Hamburger € 3.75 per piece
Chicken Satay (2 skewers + sauce in bamboo boat) € 3.95 per 2 pieces
Meatballs (9 pieces) € 4.25 per serving
Cheese/sausage plate from 20 pieces € 10.00

Snack Plates

Mixed Snacks hot/cold
We make combined platters that include mini Caprese skewers, bacon-gorgonzola appetizers, verrines with carpaccio, spicy meatballs and stuffed puff pastries.

Plate with approx. 20 pieces € 20.00
Plate with approx. 60 pieces € 56.00
Plate with approx. 90 pieces € 84.50

Vegetarian/fish snacks
We make combined platters that include verrines with shrimp cocktail, stuffed peppers with cream cheese, mini-wrap with smoked salmon, dates stuffed with cream cheese, stuffed puff pastries with cheese or mushrooms, and pieces of quiche.

Plate with approx. 60 snacks € 60.00
Plate with approx. 90 snacks € 88.00

Luxury snacks

Cold snacks (from 20 pieces per type) € 3.00 per snack
Savory cones filled with:
– Cream Cheese/olive
– Tomato Cream Cheese
– Duck Liver Mousse

Verrines filled with:
– Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese
– Crab Salad and Dutch Shrimps
– Light free range egg and ham salad

Verrine with:
– Truffle tortellini
– Salmon Tartare with Salmon Roe
– Creamy Paté with Cranberry Compote
– Lamb fillet with Onion Compote
– Tomato Mousse and Fruit Chutney

Lollipop made of:
– Creamy Paté with Pistachio Breadcrumbs
– Creamy Paté with Breadcrumbs with Hazelnut and Cranberry
– Goat Cheese with Almonds and Honey
– Goat Cheese with Bruschetta and Mango Chutney

Snack Buffet

The cocktail buffet consists of the following elements:

Deluxe mixed nuts
Marinated olives
Warm spicy meatballs
Yakitori skewers from the oven
Assortment of filled wraps
Bell peppers stuffed with cream cheese
Served with farmer’s bread with aioli and olives/pomodori tapenade.

€ 10.50 per person (minimum 20 people)

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